Our Story

What we believe in.

Nowadays we get used to throwing things away when they break and just buying a new one. That may be OK for commodity items, but we believe that some things are worth being made to last.

From the showcase for your outdoor passion to the pride and joy in your garage, when it matters enough we believe it deserves to be a Lasting Classic.

Who are we?

We are a family run business based in Somerset with a lifetime of Engineering expertise. Our experience stretches from early days in a design & development department designing and testing the World's best sighting systems for armoured fighting vehicles and aircraft, to fitting sophisticated tracking devices to sporting equipment.

Our passion for the practical benefits of design and engineering is now following our own personal interests. Martin’s for finding solutions to keep great classic bikes and cars running reliably on the road and Chris’s for securing and protecting equipment for country pursuits, both with an emphasis on combining the style of the past with the technology of the future.

What makes us different?

1. Our Approach to Materials.

Technology now offers us many more solutions in materials and functionality to select from. We may be restoring a British classic, but a stainless steel rather than chrome component will look just as good and last longer.
Selection of materials for the body of our secure gun boxes is those used in the aerospace and motor sports industries and are so light and strong that while they look like a vintage box they won’t add significant weight to your vehicle.

2. Our Approach to You.

We are a small specialist business and we treat every request as our first. Our aim is to support your passion with an engineering solution that delights you and makes you feel proud to own. Most of our commissions are bespoke, often unique to the vehicle concerned and often with some specific personal requirements. We haven’t been defeated yet!

3. Our Approach to Design.

We focus on the performance and reliability of our components but we don’t forget the aesthetic too. Form is as important as function in delivering a lasting classic and we want you to be as happy with the look of your product as well as its ability to do the job for you. Open the boot of your Range Rover to reveal your walnut gun case fitting snugly in the floor .