Classic Vehicle Components

We all love our classics, and we all want to spend as much of our spare time as we can enjoying them. One of the greatest threats to the longevity of our classics and the time available for their enjoyment is weather.

The Great British weather has a natural ability to find its way into your vehicle electrics, introducing risk of breakdown and it loves to destroy those beautifully polished chrome parts which adorn your beloved classic.

One of the most significant cures for the unreliability issue on older vehicles has been the introduction of electronic ignition. These days, discrete ignition conversions can be made easily to improve reliability and boost your confidence that you’ll reach your destination without issue, even in the rain. This enables you to extend the season when you can use your classic with confidence in its reliability, but what about the chrome? To ensure the chrome lasts, you’ll need to clean and dry off thoroughly after a wet run. Water gets to those places you may not notice or be able to reach easily and will encourage rust to form and gradually consume your bright parts.

At Lasting Classics, we believe the right place for your classic vehicle is on the road, doing what it was designed to do i.e. provide you with enduring transport to use whenever you want to.  You shouldn’t have to check the weather before risking your pride and joy and worry about it all the time it's removed from its protective cocoon, commonly know as the garage.

Lasting Classics design and manufacture replacement parts in stainless steel and other resilient materials which look and work better than the original chrome part, but without the threat of environmental degradation. So you can fit it and forget it if you wish, or polish it when you want that extra bit of shine for those special occasions.

We understand how each and every part of your classic works. We also appreciate the frustration of an unreliable part that breaks, stopping your adventure. Our wealth of knowledge is the backbone of our products and the advice we offer.

Are there bright parts on your classic that if replicated in polished stainless steel would make yours a ‘practical classic’, able to be used more often? We would relish the challenge of reproducing any part for you. Sounds expensive? We won’t charge you for the time we spend researching the best choice of material and designing the replica part. The price to you will be no more than we will charge for the same part in volume production. We will let you know a firm price and return your original part to you once we’ve designed your replacement part.

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