Chris Neale

From a very early age I have been interested about how things go together and work. It wasn't just about having the latest toy but more about how that toy worked and if it was broken how was I going to fix it?

My father would always show me the various ways of fixing things and making sure they didn't break again. I also had a great attention for detail and any engineering problem I was determined to resolve myself with the help of my father or a little hard graft and thinking.

I finished school with eight GCSE’s and I excelled in design and technology, In the last years of my time at school I took up kayaking as an extracurricular activity and I realised that there was a problem, with out buying a very expensive kayak trailer there was no way of transporting any more than two kayaks safely. I then came up with the idea to design an adjustable rack that would fit into any trailer to transport the kayaks safely. I managed to do this within the time allotted and received a grade A for this task.

I then went to college and studies mechanical engineering and Motorsport engineering all the way up to degree level and during that time I designed and modified various race cars for close friends and myself. The car I made for myself was designed for hill-climbing. This proved to be more difficult than i first thought and as a result I didn’t enter.

I finished college and after I had a few part time jobs, then decided to build my own business around land management. I took on a small estate in trull and helped to manage the gardens and land owned by the estate. After doing this for three years I found a job in sales which had always interested me. Whilst in this job I took care of the telesales team, doing some myself and also organising team so that they met their targets for the week. I then also helped design business cards, flyers and helped with re-branding the website.

After spending two years with this company I decided to broaden my horizons and set up my own design engineering company with my father. At the beginning we started making classic motorbike parts which were made out of stainless steel. We were basically making classic products with modern materials so that they were more hard wearing and weatherproof. I then came up with a product that accompanied my own hobby of shooting. This combined my hobby, interest and ability in engineering compliments my father’s incredible amount of experience in engineering giving us innovative products with a high quality finish.

Chris Neale